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By Antony Lishak

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By Antony Lishak

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They act like puppies, and they do mouth,” she says. ” Their occasional urge to nibble isn’t surprising once you understand ferret physiology: The critters have poor eyesight and a keen sense of smell, so they’re just following their instincts. People need to know the correct way to handle ferrets to avoid being nipped, says Barbara Clay, director of shelter affairs at Rocky’s Ferret Rescue in Parkton, Md. “You don’t eat a bucket of chicken and then pick up a ferret [because then] your fingers are mistaken for a treat,” she says.

Keep Cool When You’re Crossed Trials are naturally adversarial, and conflicts reach their peak when witnesses are cross-examined by opposing attorneys. Prepare for the cross by knowing what to expect. n Think like them. As you prepare, consider what the defense wants. District attorneys know the defense lawyers, so ask the prosecutor how the defense will likely approach the case. Examine your report for any inaccuracies that might be pointed out in court. “If you get blindsided on the stand, you’re going to get defensive.

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