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A series of short essays which Poe contributed to SLM and other journals over a period of five years, many apparently gleaned from his commonplace book. The essays, 226 in all, include book reviews, philosophical commentary and aphorisms. THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH. Short story, originally entitled 'The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy' [Graham, May 1842]. A plague known as the 'red death' devastates the countryside. A prince seeking to escape the plague, retires with his friends to a secluded abbey.

Ect and good feeling by his unvarying deportment and ab1lity'. Two further collections of his work, Tales (a compilation of twelve short stories) and The Raven and Other Poems (a collection of thirty of his best poems) were published in that year by Wiley and Putnam of New York and London, but again on conditions highly unfavourable to the author. For the Tales he had submitted seventy stories and articles to the publisher, hoping that the volume would demonstrate the versatility of his talent.

See TO F----S S. 0--D. LION ISING. Short story [SLM, May 1835]. The narrator, who An Edgar Allan Poe Dictionary 47 has a splendidly developed nose, shoots an opponent's nose off in a duel. He is then told by his father that it is his opponent who is the real hero: 'the greatness of a lion is in proportion to the size of his proboscis, but .... there is no competing with a lion who has no proboscis at all'. THE LITERARY LIFE OF THINGUM BOB, ESQUIRE. Short story [SLM, December 1844]. A satirical attack on literary charlatans: an aspiring writer copies out passages from Dante, Shakespeare and Homer and submits them to various magazines under a pseudonym; all are rejected as being devoid of literary merit.

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