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By Gayatri Rao Dutt & Pradeep Sathe

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By Gayatri Rao Dutt & Pradeep Sathe

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15 concerns about psychotherapy? No. Or, to b e more optimistic, not just yet. The basis for this last conclusion rests upon numerous remaining qualms and concerns that continue to worry me (and, undoubtedly, various other existential psychotherapists) and impact upon my practice. But one, in particular, stands out for me and deserves some explication. As I will seek to demonstrate, it is a 'tension' that I believe arises from existen­ tial psychotherapy's own unwillingness or inability to con­ sider crucial implications derived from its very advocacy of, and reliance upon, the self-same interpersonal assumptions that remain its most fundamental and substantial contribution to psychotherapeutic thought and practice.

James was very proud of this combination of film images since they would not only allow him to 'play with time' in a forcefully visual manner but would also reveal various aspects of Claudia's fictional personality in purely visual terms rather than rely upon more long-winded and artificial verbal disclosures that would break the narrative drive of the programme as a whole. To d i sclose or to not d isclose 31 I do not know whether James was attempting to impress me or was genuinely naive about (even relatively recent) film history, but his claim to have created this visual plastification of time was patently false.

Indeed, my suspicion is that were they to carry out analyses concerning 'the when and what and how' of their disclosures, humanistic psychotherapists might well be shocked by what such analyses revealed. I would not be too surprised if these raised important questions regarding humanistic psychotherapists' assumptions about 'openness', 'transparency' and 'congruity' and, instead, confronted them with their defensiveness, their authoritar- 26 The M irror and the Hammer ianism, and their desire both to elevate themselves and to be elevated in the eyes of their clients.

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